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LaLa House

This lovely house is inspired by the movie ” Lala Land” . It has an unique design of morden victorian design with main colours are blue and yellow. It also has its own private small back balcony where you can have a good, cozy private time with your lover, friends or family.

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Tree House

Still regret that you didn’t have a tree house when you were a kid? Here is good news for you : Tree houses are not only for kids anymore! Yay!! And even better, you can live in a tree house right in the city of Hanoi. How crazy is that? 🙂

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Stone House

The house is built from stones found in the far north of Vietnam that keep the temperature cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our minimalist and scandinavian decor suits the relaxing atmosphere of our space.
Stone house is our first house at Hygge Homestay and with its beauty, it’t not suprising that it has been showed up on many housing magazines, tv shows, famous music videos…

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